Roofing Solutions by Darren Houk

Roofing Solutions by Darren Houk

Fort Worth Roofing Contractor


Darren Houk is one of only a handful of roofing contractors who actually started by working on the roof. As the third generation to work in the roofing industry, Darren started working for his father, Bobby Houk as a teenager cleaning up the grounds and literally worked his way up the ranks delivering roofing materials, being a roof top helper and removing roofs on local Fort Worth job sites. By the late 70's Darren had been trained to do wood shingle repairs and installed new composition roofing. Darren later became crew leader on both residential and commercial projects.

The Houk family always felt strongly about training so Darren took every opportunity to attend training seminars and schools offered by trade associations and manufacturers being the first on several occasions to become a certified installer or contractor.

Darren began to work in both sales and management for the family business by the late 1980's until 1994 when he took a job with a commercial roofing manufacturer who launched the first impact resistant composition shingles. That company was sold and Darren worked for 6 years as a sales and technical representative for a commercial roofing manufacturer. Much of the job included training many of the top contractors in North Texas how to install commercial roofing systems. Over the last 16 years Darren has worked for several manufacturers selling impact resistant metal & tile roofs.


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